Augusta Fiddler’s Reunion 2015

Paul Kirk and Rob Rhamy of Cleveland, OH, along with yours truly playing Chinquapin Hunting (cross G) while Lou Maiuri remains nimble…

Mary’s Old-School iPod

150926 DS

Mary’s Old-School iPod enjoyed being part of Tuatha‘s family at the Shenandoah Fiber Festival Saturday.

Tuckered and Plum at Long Branch Plantation

Tuckered & Plum 131222

Long Branch Plantation in Millwood, VA, celebrated the season with an 1850s Christmas Night on Sunday, 22nd December 2013.   Tuckered…

Time Travelling with Martin Fisher

Recording by Martin Fisher March 2013 at Breaking Up Winter of Bonaparte’s Retreat & Gail’s West Virginia Tune.  This is how…

Young and Younger


Learning keeps on happening at all ages if we keep our youth and curiosity.  And I have some of the…

Breaking Up Winter

Cedars of Lebanon

How beautiful is the Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee!  Especially in the endless snowfall of a weekend when…

Gardner Winter Music Festival

Worley and Margaret Gardner

One of my favourite ways to connect with music friends is at festivals.  We get to share the new tunes…

Bring on the noise!


Yes, really!  Bring it on! Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are about to get a whole lot noisier here in West…

Carpe diem!

Oh god!  Get the fish!! Or maybe I meant to say, if not now, when? It’s a new year and…

Become a Link in the Chain

Old time flyer-1

Become a link in the chain that connects us with generations past.

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