2013 Gardner Winter Music Festival

1302 GWMF Erie Travelers

Gardner Winter Music Festival

Worley and Margaret Gardner

One of my favourite ways to connect with music friends is at festivals.  We get to share the new tunes…

Bring on the noise!


Yes, really!  Bring it on! Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are about to get a whole lot noisier here in West…

Carpe diem!

Oh god!  Get the fish!! Or maybe I meant to say, if not now, when? It’s a new year and…

Octave Mandolin

Octave Mandolin

Erie Travellers

Augusta Fiddler's Reunion 2007
Joel Specht, Kim & Joe Kengor, yours truly, & that really good bass player whose name I never remember

Augusta Old-Time Fiddler’s Reunion, October 2007 with Joel Specht, Kim & Joe Kengor, & Bruce Locke

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