Highland County Festival 2012

What's the quickest way to tune a banjo?

What’s the quickest way to tune a banjo?

North River Mills 2007

North River Mills 2007

Flatfooting with Charlie Burton

Festival jamming

Festival jamming

Richmond Folk Festival

One of the benefits of being a multi-instrumentalist is getting to play in impromptu bands.  Mark Campbell was ready to…

Octave Mandolin

Octave Mandolin

Erie Travellers

Augusta Fiddler's Reunion 2007
Joel Specht, Kim & Joe Kengor, yours truly, & that really good bass player whose name I never remember

Augusta Old-Time Fiddler’s Reunion, October 2007 with Joel Specht, Kim & Joe Kengor, & Bruce Locke

Shepherdstown May Day

Mayday Mel

Morris musicianing with Nick Blanton

Musselman Middle School Orchestra Holiday Concert

There’s something really special about being able to watch young musicians take on new challenges.   And that’s what I got…

Clifftop 2006

Clifftop 06 Russ closeup

Become a Link in the Chain

Old time flyer-1

Become a link in the chain that connects us with generations past.

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