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Bunker Hill Elementary West Virginia Day 2017

Erin Miller of WHAG did a great job of covering a variety of the activities for West Virginia Day last…

Farther and Wider

I love it when our Appalachian culture shows up in unexpected places.  And what could be more unexpected than Carnegie…

We’re at it again!


For four weeks this summer, we’re breaking out the feet for flatfooting through the Berkeley County Adult and Community Education…


It’s all about passing on the music.

• You don’t play an instrument and you want to.
• You play, but not as well as you want to.
• You need someone who plays for a bunch of folks who want to listen.

You just know what’s coming next, don’t you?

I’ve been playing a bunch of instruments for a lot of years, on stage and socially. I’ve been helping folks with musical questions for almost as long. And I’ve been solving “this hurts” kinds of issues along the way.

Yes, I can help with a variety of instruments and with finding the most relaxed way to say what you want to say musically.  But I have to mention my special love for old-time Southern Appalachian Mountain Music.

Nothing makes me happier than to be part of a jam that lasts for hours, with fellow old-time enthusiasts sharing tunes and stories. Okay, I lied: there are times when I’m just as happy playing those spooky, twisty, windy old tunes that were made just for solo enjoyment. Either way, we’re all links in the beautiful chain that is our rich Appalachian heritage.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had bunches of time with some of the Kentucky and West Virginia field collectors, with our treasured fiddlers and banjoists, both elder statesmen and young hotshots. Name dropping to follow in personal conversations if you really need it.

Why “dancesynergy”? Because, even though I’ve played music seriously for just as long, my earliest career was as a dancer. And I have a great love for music that makes dancers happy or inspired or inspired to be happily involved. And, yes, I still flatfoot and can show you a thing or two about that, as well.

Okay, here’s the actual instrument list:
• Fiddle, Violin and Viola
• Banjo (clawhammer)
• Dulcimer (lap)
• Mandolin: regular, and octave
• Guitar
• Flutes: concert, Irish (D), and alto
• Piano
• Accordion (piano)
• Autoharp 

I’m also going to mention your voice and your ears: I’ve got experience helping you use both. And, yes, I know about that scary theory stuff.

And since you’ve read this far . . . yes, I still play music in front of folks when that’s needed. Flatfooting, too.   The mostly old-time band is Tuckered and Plum.  There’s also a Civil War era configuration.


I’ll meet you in the music . . . .

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